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bombing of a u.s. government vehicle. >>> delegates from cal -- [ inaudible ] . >>> good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. >>> and i'm eric thomas it is labor day. >> we'll check in with mike for the forecast. >>> good morning. starting off with a dry live doppler. area you see here in mauve color dense fog advisory 9:00, visibility down to quarter of a mile so be careful there. today at the coast it will be partly cloudy low to mid 60s sunny around the bay, 72 to 84, warmest temperatures inland 87 to 94. let's find out about that commute with sue hall. >>> we don't have much of a commute, good morning holiday light. one point i wanted to mention if you are stpeging someone from tahoe this early labor -- expecting someone from tahoe this early labor day 80 donner lake accident. this is closer to home 80 westbound towards the bay bridge, macarthur maze light once you get to the bay bridge no metering lights on. minor delays headed across the -- across the san mateo bridge and alternate 237 otherwise folks -- [ unintelligible ] >>> 6: . the family of a m
city to about carmel by the sea. running in the low to mid 60s along the coast, a few clouds, sunny around the bay, 72 to 84, warm to hot inland, plenty of sun, 87 to 94. time for the news. >>> 5:02. the family of a man who was shot to death by vallejo police say there are many unanswered questions about what led up to the gunfire. police say they fired more than 30 rounds, ing the man had a gun. -- believing the man had a gun. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo this is the latest of several officer-involved shootings there. >> reporter: this is the seventh, since may. the -- some residents said they are afraid of these police officers. the family of 23-year-old mario romero is questioning whether it was necessary to shoot and kill him. he was in a parked car with a friend 4:00 yesterday morning, when police on patrol shined a spotlight on the car. officers admit they did not identify them says. they say, romero got out the car which his family disputes, police say they saw a gun he turned his back appeared to be reaching for the gun then pointed it at them and they opened fire. at o
quickly east. between the '90s, inland. concord, antioch. mid '80s is what we saw today. '70s for oakland, hayward. these temperatures are up by 10-20 degrees of for what we saw. most areas will start off with fog near the bay. the north bay valleys will also clear quickly. sunshine, warm temperatures. i will let you know what to expect for labor day. >> baseball is getting interesting. the giants, the 80s. the series and the a's.. are going for the eighth hal victory a 6- 2. also, the giants beat the chicago cubs 7-pica. thousands of fans honored the petaluma little league champs! here are highlights. >>reporter: 10,000 cheering fans lined the streets of downtown it petaluma anxiously awaiting their heroes. now in the national spotlight now, a flyover kicked off this parade. (cheers & applause) the boys of summer were showered with confetti. it was an amazing homecoming with the world series in pennsylvania that ended with a small loss from tennessee. >> it is so exciting. they never gave up it was really amazing >>reporter: thousands followed them on the television and many cannot belie
-than- usual traffic delays near interstate highway 880 and u.s. highway 101 c rivers in the south bay can those further north can use state highway 92 over the highway 101 with i-880, on the eastern side with a new joint that will raise the deck five inches and allow it to move 42 inches - 22 inches more than the old joint allowed-- in the event of a seismic event, the project be 90 percent complete after this weekend's project, the approach to the whole section is also expected to be easier. >> good morning. we do have areas of local, dense fog but for the most part we are seeing clear skies for the majority of the bay area. temperatures in the 50s. 56 degrees in hayward. as we check out our visibility we are seeing 10 m.p.h.. but take a look at the coast. just 1 mi. visibility. certainly, drive with extra caution and provide extra space between each car. between san francisco, portions of the north they are also impacted it could decrease by 9:00 a.m. even clear conditions as we go towards lunch. for the most part we are anticipating clear skies and temperatures in the 80s with an abund
for a friend who put his life on the line battling a fire in san jose.ñcús1@ú? >>> the memorial honoring victims of the 19 the 1 firestorm has been damaged again. -- the 1991 firestorm has been damaged again. over the weekend someone cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell. >> dancing on the grave of those that died in the firestorm an insult to the community and to have this happen three times, it happened two years ago, it is frustrating. >> it is now up to volunteers to raise more money to fix the sculpture they figure they need about $5,000 to make the repairs and fix the security system. >>> a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while battling a blaze remains in critical condition this morning. he collapsed last thursday part of a crew battling a blaze on east santa clara street. >> please be safe out there. >> dozens of people showed support at a vigil for ryan and co-workers yesterday where he's hospitalized. first responders joined member of the community in offering prayers. organizers plan on giving a candle to his family. >>> runni
got to neat players and get autographs. as you may remember petaluma lost to tennessee in the u.s. championship game last weekend despite an amazing comeback, they finished third overall in the tournament. >> next at 5:00, two days from the democratic convention in charlotte, vice president joe biden called out the republican ticket. we'll tell you what he had to say about mitt romney and paul ryan. >> we're here to show everybody you know,ç sorry, you closed t schools, look what you missed out on. >> sunnyvale celebrates its 100-year anniversary. they got the band back together. >> we saw temperatures today into the 90s, they are still in the 90s outside right now in many of the inland valleys. tomorrow livermore you'll be seeing more mid 90s. how long the heat will be around. >> decision 2012 t the spotlight shifted to charlotte, north carolina. the site of the democratic national convention where president obama says he will offer what he calls a better path forward. nbc's steve handelsman is in charlotte with the latest. >> reporter: arriving in charlotte for the democratic
to carpool or use public transit with longer-than- usual traffic delays near u.s. highway 101 c >> we are very much on schedule. we should not have a problem. >>reporter: what about opening up earlier? >> that is possible but not definite. we still a lot of work. >> aside from the safer bridges the drivers will have an easier drive navigating. it will reopen because of caltrain converting a car pool lanes. >> days after id hammered louisiana the wind, the rain is still flooded. and still people are without power. there is one family has lost their homes, twice. seven years ago, hurricane katrina. >> we are here to be a part of the team in louisiana and it makes sure that >>mark: of the for the president heads to the democratic national convention, he will go to louisiana today where hurricane is it struck a lot of that area and left thousands without our krahn a lot of the land in louisiana under water. more than 100 to grouse about power. >>darya: as many as 10,000 people may have been exposed to the hantavirus at yosemite national park. anyone who stays at curry village in those
. >> después de los republicanos llega el turno de los demócratas . >> que arranca el martes . >> donde un objetivo es movilizar a los hispanos para apoyar la reelección del presidente barack obama . >> estamos con la información . >> la convención demócrata comienza el martes pero no detuvo estos movimientos, al igual que en tampa en la convención republicana protestan por control . >> ante policías . >> mientras el presidente barack obama estuvo en recorrido que lo llevara por 4 estados . >> estos en pantalla . >> un estado de minorias creciente, junto con el intento de atraer más mujeres a los demócratas . >> un domingo de supermercado para germán para convencer a los hispanos a votar por los demócratas . >> la plataforma demócrata pide regularizacion reforma . >> de los republicanos, sea de autodeportacion . >> incribirse desde que es ciudadana . >> lancaster que nos tenemos que inscribir por el embarazo . >> la familia son parte de la comunidad latina . >> en su familia dice que no hay consenso para noviembre . >> quieren ayudar a los latinos llega el momento y no dan el v
willis is concerned rights to his -- -- >>> russell crowe is thanking the u.s. coast guard for a little lift after he and friend got lost while kayaking. you can see russell in the center with coast guard officials were on routine patrol late saturday night when they heard one of the two calling for help. crowe hitched a ride back with them to hunting bay. he sent out this tweet: not lost, we knew exactly where we were pad ing around. -- paddling around, we ran out of bay. >> see all that sunshine out there, a lot going on this labor day, good morning. let's look at some of the clouds still hanging around. today probably warmest in the forecast. >>> plus, isaac's aftermath. the long and difficult process of cleaning up and rebuilding for residents along the gulf coast and the threat of flooding still exists. >> later, the special connection one diver found with a grey seal the underwater video going viral today. >>> a few hours from now president obama will visit with victims of hurricane isaac in louisiana before heading to the convention in charlotte. the storm left damage and misery
on american manufacturing and today the u.s. auto industry has come roaring back. >> he defended obama care. >> i don't know exactly what the other side's proposing, i guess you could call it romney doesn't care. >> reporter: vice president biden was in pennsylvania, mocking mitt romney and paul ryan at last week's republican convention. >> and these guys say the president's out of touch? out of touch? swiss bank account i'm told millions in the cayman islands, who is out of touch? >> reporter: mitt romney stayed out of the fray. in new hampshire. in charlotte, a few hundred activists protested the city's big banks and demanded tougher environmental laws as the president headed toward his convention. tomorrow mr. obama campaigns in ohio, a critical battleground state, then goes to louisiana. battered about by hurricane isaac. nbc news charlotte, north carolina. >> the founder and the leader of the unification church has died. reverend sun myung moon died at the age of 92 according to church officials. moon reportedly died at a church-owned hospital near his home northeast of seoul. two week
rights to his -- -- >>> russell crowe is thanking the u.s. coast guard for a little lift after he and friend got lost while kayaking. you can see russell in the center with coast guard officials were on routine patrol late saturday night when they heard one of the two calling for help. crowe hitched a ride back with them to hunting bay. he sent out this tweet: not lost, we knew exactly where we were pad ing around. -- paddling around, we ran out of bay. >> see all that sunshine out there, a lot going on this labor day, good morning. let's look at some of the clouds still hanging around. today probably warmest in the forecast. >>> plus, isaac's aftermath. the long and difficult process of cleaning up and rebuilding for residents along the gulf coast and the threat of flooding still exists. >> later, the special connection one diver found with a grey seal the underwater video going viral today. mack lyon. a timely bible lesson the lord's way. churches of christ in the to have you visit one of worship assemblies. just do that? you will. week, will you? >>> a few hours from now presid
it hot. >> in fact it could be the hottest day of the week. a few 40s and a little bit of patchy dense fog along the coastline once we get passed this cool patchy weather, we will enjoy sunny skies even warmer than yesterday and for some of the hottest spots we are talking mid-90s. i will show you these numbers coming up in just a few minutes, coming up. >>> here is oakland traffic coming up, and same story, sun is finally coming up and traffic is flowing well into san francisco. let's head over to dave and pam. >>> we are having it and forensic investigators have just arrived. this is a forensic area. a man was stabbed several times by new bridge street, a man has been rushed to the hospital where he is being treated. four people are being questioned by police. jeanine was there and she will be pack to give us an update from the scene in just about 30 minutes. >>> vallejo police are looking for a man who shot a man right in front of city hall. he was described as an african- american man. he was driving a chevy suburban. the victim does not know the suspect but the two were arguing be
into the low 80s. some spots even staying in the upper 70s with scattered showers and storms. right now a very muggy 75 in d.c. we do have 60s in garrett county and also in harrisonburg, stanton area but the rest of the area all in the low to mid-70s except annapolis which is at 79 degrees. scattered showers this morning. had some heavy ones in spots last night but this morning just want to show you here we are in fairfax county down through areas just west of 95, south of haymarket there in prince william and down to the south on 95 near stafford. >>> good morning. things are looking great outside all around the beltway and northbound on i-95 the. as you come up from dale city to woodbridge, up into springfield, the lanes are open. and no problems on 395. we'll take a live look first there on the northbound side where you can see that traffic is very light. there's no one there. no hov restrictions by the way in maryland or virginia except on route 50 as you come in on route 50. you will have hov restrictions in maryland. here's what it looks like inside the beltway on 66. no issues to report
of folks in the eastern u.s. still about 40 minutes or so till sunrise. 80 degrees by noon. we'll have scattered showers and storms at times today. it's not going to rain all day. that threat, though, is with us. even this morning we have some showers. high temperatures in the lower 80s. it is a sticky morning. humidity levels are way up. it's 70 now in winchester and martinsburg. 72 in leesburg this morning along with bill in newland. got 74 from prince frederick and bowie. 77 sticky degrees in reidville. kind of disgusting out there this morning. 78 in annapolis. looking at the satellite and radar from yesterday afternoon and evening, yes, big time showers and storms over toward d.c. had some flooding last night. we'll get you up to date on that with kristin fisher in just a moment. this morning isolated showers is what we're looking at down here in prince william county trying to get into southern fairfax county. 234 just clear now if you're taking that from manassas down toward 95. and there it is, not much there. just south. a very light shower moving north and east. we check in n
. of warm temperatures and a holiday weekend. >> you could want to go to the beaches with 70's and there are two baseball games. right now, clear conditions. hi localized, dense fog particularly for the san francisco peninsula coast. with even zero visibility. along highway 1 01 and for the most part we are sitting in the 50s. mostly sunny and some of those areas could get to the low mid 90's. full details on the afternoon highs coming up. >> no problems on the commute. if you were driving on the san mateo commute. the primary alternate route remains closed for an additional 24 hours. it is expected to open tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. the east bay, no problems on the 580. >> our breaking, developing story out of the east bay. this officer involved shooting and leftone man was killed and another injured in an officer-involved shooting >> correct the 21 year-old man was shot in the buttocks and is recovering. however, the 23 year-old has been killed from injuries. this happened on sunday morning two officers were on patrol in the 100 block of pepper drive -- an area known for recent g
, and that is helping to cool off numbers in the overnight hours. fifty-three in concord, mid to upper 50s around san jose. so widespread 50s in most cases. if in the north bay valley directions, pet to allow ma, santa row is a, all singing back into the mid to upper 40s this morning. so, again, that compressing air bringing a very shallow marine layer, less than a thousands feet. seeing a little bit slip into the bay. most waking up with mostly clear skies, mostly cloudy for the afternoon. afternoon highs look like this, 88 for santa row is a, 88, nap pa. mid to upper 70s around the east bay, 79 in oakland, 80 for heyward, 90s in the valley, 93 for pittsburgh, mid to upper 80s near san jose. 76 in santa cruz. at the boardwalk nice. eighty-four redwood city, 71 in the city. today the hottest day into the workweek. numbers will fall off back to below average this time of year thursday into friday and a bump with weekend in view saturday and sunday. >>> 7:12. >>> pretty embarrassing reason. a california delegate is heading home from the democratic convention before it's even started. >>> plus who stole
of love pam. >> i know. we don't like it hot, it will be a bit uncomfortable. low-to-mid 90s and waking up with clear sky and sunny warm weather is in store for the second half and i am going to show you all of this coming it up in just about 10 minutes. >> we have a lot of fog, here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco this morning and up next we have a look at the san mateo brim and traffic is -- bridge and traffic is flowing nicely as you make your way towards hayward or or the other side. >> we are following breaking news, pam? and good morning jeanine, she has more on the injuries. >> reporter: crime tape is here because a man was found stabbed inside this home you are looking at. right now officers are inside and we don't know if there are any residents left but they are looking for a weapon it. in the last 20 minutes, it all took place around 330 and they end inside the home and officers said he was unable to speak when they arrived. his condition is unknown at this time but they are proud in a meadow park to help him sp
josé una de las más ocupadas en todo el sector, las autoridades aún están investigando las causas del incendio. >> dirigentes del desaparecido no está seguro cuando la catedral reabrirá sus puertas, por el momento no han reprogramados las misas en esa catedral, las han hecho en otras iglesias cerca de lugar y del sector de san josé, esto por el que yo regreso contigo, edgardo. nunca gracias, claudia, hay un aumento en las carreteras durante las primeras horas del fin de semana feriado, la botella de caminos informó que las personas fueron arrastradas por conducir bajo el alto el año pasado, o sus razones radiales y vehiculares observadas al rencor, las autoridades advierten que el cerco de las desploman y conducen. desde ese momento muy alta pasemos a la cárcel por el día, se prevé lo que pasa, se chocaron chocar, a los carros puede ser más graves. >> excelente recuerda que reciben a una persona como conductor o que tomen un sí. los gerentes de universitarios fueron prestados por un inusual incidente, una explosión, os lo largo es osado fuera de la pasa el acuerdo reciente
leaders and also did prison time. fox 5's karen gray houston returns with more on his legacy. >> reporter: love him or hate him, the reverend dr. sun myung moon was charismatic and ms. followers of unification church were sometimes called mooneyes. he was accused of brainwashing. >> -- moonies. he was accused of brainwashing. >> people make their own decisions. >> reporter: moon held mass weddings, the services called blessing ceremonies like this one at rfk stadium in 1997. bishop george stalling of d.c.'s armani temple was married to a japanese bride in new york city in 2001. >> he would pray and reflect on that process and then bring together two persons. >> reporter: r rend moon also married -- reverend moon also married a couple who did not know each other before their wedding and now they have a 3- year-old daughter. >> he can see and just how to match is the best way to make a peace. >> reporter: named a messiah by himself and followers moon met with world leaders, but he served 13 months in prison in the u.s. in the mid-1980s for fax evasion. moon built an international bissel
bomber attacked a u.s. government vehicle in pakistan today. two pakistanis were killed and more than a dozen others were injured, including two american consulate workers. pakistani police say the bomber packed his car with 240 pounds of explosives and rammed the car into a u.s. vehicle on a busy street. there has been no claim over responsibility but al qaeda and the taliban are suspected. >>> there is a trib bought today to a fallen navy seal. petty officer first class patrick feeks was killed last month when his helicopter went down during a firefight with insurgents in afghanistan. a procession carrying petty officer feeks' body leforts dover airs -- left dover air force base this morning. the procession made its way through anne arundel county, ending at a funeral home in his hometown of wedgewater, maryland -- edgewater, maryland. he will be buried in arlington national cemetery on wednesday. >>> some georgetown residents are taking crime fighting into their own hands. the citizens association of georgetown is adding private surveillance cameras to their neighborhood. the group
, the humidity is, 82 downtown, 79 gaithersburg, 79 manassas but it feels like mid- to upper 80s. tonight mostly cloudy, muggy, a few storm possible, nothing in the next few hours, lows 68 to 74. we'll come back and talk about when the remnants of isaac will finally leave us alone. >>> well, tomorrow the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte, north carolina, but the party is already going in the queen city. the convention's host committee put on a day long street celebration called carolina fest 2012. over at bank of america stadium crews are putting final uches in place before president obama gives his nomination acceptance speech on thursday. democrats are now preparing their counter to the republicans' message last week in tampa, but so far the party finds itself on the defensive responding to questions of whether america is better off today than it was four years ago. emily schmidt has more on how democratic leaders are answering those questions. >> reporter: just as charlotte, north carolina, prepares to be the center of the democrats' political universe this week, party le
the unification church, which gained worldwide attention in the '70s and '80s with mass weddings. he married people in huge ceremonies around the world. his followers, known for their fundraiser activities, were called "moonies." the leader also expanded his political influence, relating to conservative american presidents and re-building a once tense relationship with north korea. but with fame came controversy, the church faced allegations of stealing and brainwashing followers. moon himself spent more than a year at a u.s. federal prison for tax evasion. two weeks after he was admitted to a hospital for pneumonia, moon reportedly died at a church-owned hospital near his home. he was 92 years old. nbc news. >>> and president obama has something to say about clint eastwood following the rambling speech that he gave at the republican national convention. >> what do you mean, shut up? i'm not going to shut up. it's my turn. >> in case you didn't see it, clint eastwood talked to a fake president obama, in a chair, saying he failed to deliver on his promises. despite the situation, president ob
. overnight tonight mild again, down to 74, lower 70s in the to burr,s, tomorrow is almost a carbon copy of what had today with temperatures in the 80s, spotty showers in the morning, mostly cloudy at 12, limited sun and then a for more showers and thunderstorms kicking off in the late, 85 degrees, upper 80s, drier thursday, friday, cool off to the lower 80s for the weekend for a chance of showers and thunderstorms. >>> the red skins big man earns a spot on the team's final roster. deep sea diving off the coast of england. looks like the animal is holding the diver's hand. the flippers can grasp almost exactly like a human hand. he does it a few more times and then swim off. anncr:r: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven
, fog, temperatures from upper 40s to upper 50s, then, sunny skies and mild to warm on the coast. will this warm weather holdup throughout the week? probably not. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> and expect to see price changes at the gas pump. why prices are expected to drop and how they're having an impact on car dealership autos worries after the storm, isaac passed but the fear of flooding remains for some in areas. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live just a little later in the hour, you can contact him also, on twitter. >> taking a look this is an unusual term of events there is the heavy side. you can see it's a slow crawl for drivers heading south. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> actor michael clark duncan after nearly two months of treatment following a heart tack. his fiancee confirmed the news. the 54-year-old never recovered from
in the '50s. used high- pressure in command of the pacific clinton and another one did for the show since come the end as we get into wednesday. we back down to the mid '80s-state in mainland. >>> it is and then lend the pit east of highway ford appeared chp is on scene. if you haven't a leaflet to catch it as a fall its 71 mi. per hour is to work your way all along highway 1 01. >>> is another big win for presidential politics su good >>> the republicans are going to be showing the presence here. the democratic national convention unofficially kicks up to date to in uptown charlotte. >>> president obama continues his march toward charlotte. with a campaign stop a member of the republican ticket will reach north carolina fires. vice- president john kenneth bit padded bras and campaigns in greenville today and will come armed with one question. are you better off today the work for years ago? democrats city let's not forget just how things were four years ago. >>> in the quarter before the president took office last million jobs created our country was bleeding. our financial system was on
attack in pakistan. a suicide bomber rams a car filled with explosives into a u.s. government vehicle, leaving a giant crater. more than 20 people wounded in the blast. americans among the victims. we'll have a live report. >>> also breaking, stunning new allegations about tom cruise. the bombshell claims by "vanity fair" about his search for a wife before he married katie holmes. was scientology auditioning actresses for the role of a lifetime and who was in the running? >>> and watch out. a monster truck right into the crowd of spectators. a father and 11-year-old son in its path. everyone's okay. how did the driver lose control? ♪ help i need somebody >>> and rescue me. russell crowe stranded at sea. ten miles off course. marooned and yelling to the coast guard for help. inside his high seas adventure. ♪ >>> you don't look like george. >> yeah, i know. please do not adjust your set. things have changed today a little bit. good morning, america. we hope you're enjoying labor day holiday. george is off today, robin is in mississippi right now with her family after her mother pass
over to private companies, hoping the private sector can find the solutions they cannot. man: in the u.s., roughly 90% of all water and wastewater systems are still publicly owned and publicly managed. the remaining 10% are managed by privately held companies. man: the private sector has learned to become very efficient, and frequently a municipality can save themselves a significant amount of money by bringing in a private company. this is not true in all cases. there are some exceptionally well-run municipalities, but they do have to deal with a city government system that is very hard to work within. paolicelli: there's several advantages to municipalities. they don't have to make a profit, so they're generally just trying to be break-even. and because of the importance of water, a lot of communities would be reluctant to give up control, but it is being looked at, especially on some of these troubled systems. cook: much of the business is in the mid-sized to smaller communities who have even fewer resources than the large cities, less expertise. if you take options off the table, it
that while the u.s. spends more on maternity care tan any other country it ranks number 49 in maternal deaths. similar rallies are being held today in more than 100 cities across the country. >>> dumbarton bridge remains shut down for a seismic upgrade. the job is set to be completed by 5:00 tomorrow morning. cal trans closed the bridge friday night and crews have been working around the clock. >> lots of work has happened over the last three days athree nights. a lot of the main elements of the new seismic joint that went into place are complete. >> cal trans also says while the dumbarton bridge is closed for seismic repairs they will be changing hov signs and cleaning up and touching up paint. new details on alternate routes. the northern detour route will take up to san mateo or mayward and then across the san mateo bridge. the southern detour takes you to san jose. >>> a taxi driver could face dui charges after a cab smashed into a gas meter. it happened around 3:20 this morning. firefighters had to use special tools to reach a gas shut off valve. ten people were evacuated just as a preca
. in san francisco, anyone can have a bank account, things to an innovative program, bank on s.f. >> everyone is welcome, even if you are not a citizen or have bad credit to qualify for a bank account is simple. just live or work in san francisco and have a form of id. >> we started bank on s.f. six years ago to reach out to folks in the city who do not have a bank account. we wanted to make sure they know they have options which should be more low-cost, more successful to them and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the
president of blooming dale association says s getting ridiculous. of a task force after the neighborhood flooded y.ree times in jul she said clearly more things have to be done because people can't living like this. >> we have everyone's attention e to work harder. these folks needed an answer yesterday and it's not good on gh to say we're working t. >> and residents are experimenting with black flow preventers to try to help. some said it did help but in the end didn't prevent the flooding. loods this summer haven't involved rain water overflowing but sewage as well. gine what a horrible folks here been for on the 100 block of rhode island avenue northwest. northwest in the blooming dale neighborhood, abc 7 news. potential e more problems for those folks ahead. thanks, tom. er's impact.eath metro system, several stations are shut down tonight. jay korff is live outside the shaw-howard metro. earlier that picture of the tracks under water kind of told t all. >> absolutely. that's about eight inches, approximate, eight inches of ter actually down on the tracks. and you to step aside see
poured hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money -- this is in the '60s, mind you, '60s and early '70s -- into this political party so that alabamians could vote for lyndon johnson rather than george wallace and that the hundreds of thousands of newly-registered black voters would have people to vote for. could not just vote, but also run for office. and so that was his life's work, and he was very much committed to recapturing the greatness of african-americans in the terms of political participation. he was very steeped in the era of reconstruction because his grandfather had been a reconstruction legislator, and he grew up hearing about his grandfather, grandpa herschel, while he was coming of age in jim crow, and it radicalized him to be living under jim crow in alabama while hearing about the fact that black people used to actually have political power and be in office including his own family. >> well, who was herschel cashin? >> that was my great grandfather. handsome man, isn't he? [laughter] he was in our family lore, herschel cashin was the first black lawyer in the stat
in england. the numbers tomorrow about the same as it were yesterday. none is in london 70's around a bit. i will bet that the is one car on the gold in woodbridge. >>> as a good time of reopening of five the cockpit in the meantime used alternate bridges. there is one car on highway 237. the quiet on the gun and a glitch. i'm still living for ecology come through. >>> the track to finish the with your foot work on the dumbarton bridge tomorrow. were the reasons the budget is on schedule is because it's the same work they did over memorial day weekend >>> the with the concrete structures made the steal. where to put a seismic jordashot withe to me. >>> the dumbarton bridge is rescheduled to be opened by 5:00 tomorrow morning. in sentences scope fremont street is so close as well. this is part of the new transit center prepared the also installing a temporary bridge to help keep traffic moving as the continued to look. >>> of federal and state courts and offices are closed on labor day. that also goes for post offices and banks. if you're taking public transit and aware that the opera and on
. temperature outside, 83 degrees with a dew point in the 70's. 85 was the high today, one degree above average. the record was 98 setback in 1953. on the weatherbug network, a touch of rain at wtop radio. leesbur ofg 80 degrees. -- leesburg, 80 degrees. wind gusts in annapolis today up to 35 miles per hour. 81 in manassas. plenty of warm air to go around. 91 in minneapolis. some heat in the midwest will arrive in our area by thursday. we will see the high around 90 degrees. satellite radar, you can see what is left of isaac moving to the east along with a warm front but that will lift to the north of us. the combination of the two will bring in the potential for some heavier downpours especially during the are afternoon hours into tomorrow night. some areas may see upward of 1 inch or more of rain. doppler radar right now a few showers north and east of baltimore. the flash flood warning up there has come to an end. looking for quieter conditions overnight. futurecast, not so quiet. clouds tomorrow and mid 80's for daytime highs. heavier showers tomorrow night into the day on wednesday. all th
. a young man in his late teens to early 0s was seen -- 20s was seen sprawled out in the street. >> homicide detectives were called because of the seriousness of the victim's injuries. we have no motive. they're busy processing the scene along with people from our crime lab. >> police said they're still looking for suspects in the barrel avenue shooting as well as the alameda shooting. roosevelt leftwich. >>> a convenience store clerk is shot during an attempted robbery in baltimore county. it happened at 1:40 this morning at the speedy mark on hollins ferry road. when the clerk hesitated, police say the suspect shot him twice. the clerk was treated and release. anyone with information is skad -- asked to call the baltimore county police. >>> all right. take a look at the current flash flooding setup. heavy downpours that we see reaching up the i-83 corridor. rain reaching to reisterstown and beyond. this is a significant amount of tropical moisture. this is what was once isaac, now just scattered rain and a tremendous amount of humidity and moisture that will keep headed our way. this will
around presidency s, his would be a one-term proposition. well, the economy hasn't turned around. saw nothing but insults and old slogans and tired, old ideas. in charlotte the president is a plan to cus on provide the middle class in this country some necessary and needed security by investing in research and innovation and in strengthling the middle class. >> president obama winding down to charlotte tour made remarks in colorado sunday. >> those ideas don't work. they didn't work then, they won't work now, they did not create jobs, they did not cut the deficit. they did not strengthen the middle class. they have not planned to move this country forward and we believe in something better. campaigning in pennsylvania, vice president he romney aim at t campaign five-point economic plan. won't throw the economy, it didn't do it before. folks, we've seen this movie ends. and we know how it >> president obama will make n charlotte and hold his big d.n.c. speech at the bank of america stadium hursday night. >> ok, so before we can fully focus on the d.n.c., let's look back at the republi
taking our filth and moving it out to the ocean. of course, all of this was untreated. in the 1960s, we were still pumping all of our sewage out to moon island, untreated. we would get swimmers here, never knowing, in the middle of summer, why you would have a cold. well, we were swimming in diluted sewage. melosi: the major way to deal with pollution, at least until early into the 20th century, was through the process of dilution. the assumption was that the capacity of rivers and streams, and even the seas, allowed for certain levels of pollution that eventually would purify themself. as we get later into the 20th century, it becomes clear that the volumes of waste made dilution unworkable as a single solution. and so treatment became the ways in which we deal with pollution. narrator: to protect public health, starting in the 1950s and '60s, there was a push to put in wastewater treatment plants across the united states. today, with evolving technologies, the waste travels through multiple stages of treatment, removing tons of solids... settling out microscopic particles, and introdu
. there are plenty of campers in the area. the u.s. forest service says the fire is moving in a north northeast direction and as many as 500 firefighters are battling the fire. it is a rather difficult task but they will be fighting it from aground in the air. to tell you when it will be contained is really difficult because it is too early in the process. >> a cal state fresno student has died after a night of drinking at an off-campus fraternity house. a school spokeswoman says and 18 year-old freshman died at a hospital. police are still investigating the circumstances. the mother of the students said she learned that her son suffered severe brain damage hours after attending a party at a fraternity. let's get a look at the roadways. >> i just checked in with chp and we're getting word of a minor accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. one car is involved. no delays, traffic is easy. jumping over to conditions through pleasanton, so far so good. later on things will get a bit busy through the altamont pass. expect delays but if you are on the road early, you are in luck. around the bay area t
and we pulled together for each other. >> i was in little league in the 70s for four years, so, saw the whole thing grow up. reporter: a flyover to kick off the parade got the crowd going, but not as much as the boys of summer themselves. [cheers and applause] >> came up from san jose for this. >> we sure did. watched every game. >> a real thriller. reporter: from both near and far, young and old crammed the sidewalks. thousands of fans just wanting to catch a glimpse of their favorite players. melvin malcolm brought his young son. >> to show him the parade and have the whole family here. reporter: and little veronica celebrated her fifth birthday at the parade. >> go petaluma. >> this is special. this is awesome. reporter: signing autographs for their adoring fans, these kids are more like rock stars than all-stars. quintin, noting today's turnout is even bigger than that of a 32 year tradition for the city. >> this all insane. more people than the butter day parade. i don't know. i think that tops off the cake. >> a sentiment shared by the whole team, the players may be heroes to
in the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest. fox 5's karen gray houston is live with the story. it looks like the floodwaters that were behind you have receded, but not too long ago we were told cars were floating down the street. >> reporter: right. can you believe it? we were on rhode island avenue between first and second streets and the water has receded. it looks nothing like it did even a few minutes ago. earlier this street was blocked off entirely. the fire department sent units out that had to rescue several people trapped in and on top of their cars. the flooding here in the bloomingdale area happened in what seemed like just an instant. the water started rising high enough to lift cars up onto the median on rhode island avenue. the red toyota hybrid you're seeing belongs to a young woman who was eating out with friends at the boundary cafe. she got that car for christmas, by the way, last year and now it sees as if it's a otal loss -- seems as if it's a total loss. >> i'm just frustrated because we were not expecting this at all, just out to dinner. >> reporter: so much for going
has died at 92. he built a business empire in asian but served time behind bars in the u.s. on tax evasion charges. his church popularity in the u.s. has dwindled but still has thousands of followers in asian. >>> changes are happening on the dunbarton besides the quake work what drivers will notice when it reopens. >>> crowd control changes that burning man has made to meet crowd attendance. >> this is incredible i've never seen so many people on this street. >>> petaluma shows its pride as people turn out to honor its little league team. ous? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> you are looking at the result of a wrong way driver. the driver was not only traveling in the opposite direction but ran a red light and crashed right into a fire hydrant in oakland. it happened in the area of 12th street and castro. several people were
after u.s. markets are out today for the labor day holiday. kelly is working. that's dedication for you. she's flown back to be with us on a long u.s. weekend. here we are, just an hour into trade, european stocks are a little bit firmer, a little less than 82. the ftse 100 up 0.5%. xetra dax up 0.4%. up nearly 3% for the month of august. cac 40 up .6%. the ibex, just down slightly today, up 10% in august. up 24% since mid-july. but now more eyes will be on spain as we get more details on the bank bailout and what the conditions might be for further assistance to the spanish government. let's show you where we stand with bond yields. it will be kind of key, really. spanish yields keep nudging back towards that 7% mark, 6.84%. 10-year bunch, 103.7. aussie/dollar, 102.55. weak australian sales out. that chinese number is not help the euro. we'll be looking at manufacturing numbers out of the uk in some four minutes or so. that is where we trade right now here in europe. what about all the action over the weekend and this morning? now more out of singapore. >> most asian markets shrugged o
has won a string of awards and probably the most relevant for today is the 2,009 u.s. naval institute general price but he has won awards from the air force for historicalwriting, the north american society for oceanographic history. that sounded pretty cool. you grew up to become an aviator but as mentioned he was the real from that and he's done the next best thing he says writing all these wonderful books about airborne warfare and related topics. his latest, the legendary world war ii aircraft carrier enterprise team and was inspired by a landmark book by the retired author who wrote the story of the uss enterprise in 1962. and the article in the arizona republic the interview that he did went on to say that surely the world needs a landmark book about the enterprise every 50 years the would make it worthwhile to come back and do another landmark book about the enterprise. islamic this is the inspiration for my abiding interest in the enterprise. the paperback was published in 1964 and you can do the math. this was the summer after my freshman year in high school, and during the c
traffic moving. go to cbs s f dot com to check on traffic conditions for both closures. police in vallejo criticized after the shooting death of a young man, two officers fired shots at two men sitting in a car on pepper drive, elissa harrington tells us officers felt the driver had begun. >>> and i heard gunshots there will be up >>> more than 30 gunshots fired by two vallejo police officers leaving one man dead bullet holes ruling this vehicle on pepper drive >>> that is scary >>> the shooting happened at 4:30 a.m. when police in the area spot of the parked car with two people officers flashed the spotlight >>> they did this to the driver of the vehicle exited the car, both officers noticed he had handgun in his waistband >>> or what they thought and gunned the driver crashed behind the door and spun around as if to have a weapon and officers opened fire >>> he put his hands up and the air an officer stopped firing and and put his hands back down and drove into the car >>> they started shooting a dance at one. getting on the hood of the car and fired into the rough the victim does it id
nine of. we'll see that -- 9:00, we'll see that sun appear, and low 70s in cielito, and 79 san leandro, up over the hills, into the south bay, warming up 90 degrees morgan hill, santa cruz along the pen innocence for the second half of the day. tampa bay today will be the warmest day. low 60s at the defendant then he we will continue a cooling trend, pam? >> they continue their little league series from their little league home. >> this is the best in the who whole world. >> the players and could he haves wave to the crowd and i could barely see it at most small businesses. >> in petaluma, crowds just got bigger and bigger. a pet lumina, they did come in third for photo from the parade, go to and click on a photos stab a full event has been warn dollars this and the 26 students who are prompted a campus wide a art . >>> plus, coming up, what is driving up the price of gas, stay tuned for more. cçrrú . >>> welcome back, new documents show michael jackson's concert promoters were seriously worried about his health. there were 52 e-mails on the, this is it tour they describ
of the way fast. also tonight... the u.s. military now hoping the training of some afghan forces after they turned their guns on our troops in a string of deadly attacks. fox news journalists on the ground in kabul. the new plan to protect our american fighters. and a mighty blow. homes destroyed lively hoods lost, millions of people feeling the fallout from isaac. in moments getting the first estimates of the storm's financial toll. also he hasn't exactly been through a the desert on a horse with no name but he did complete an epic journey in the saddle across the usa. >> we begin with a state of the economy and the pivotal role it is playing in the 2012 election. 42 months that's how long the national unemployment rate has been above 8 percent and the national debt now on the verge of a symbolic and troubling milestone. $16 trillion. analysts estimating we could hit that number oddly enough on the same day the democratic national convention kicks off in charlotte. none of this good news as the nation still struggles to add jobs and recover from the economic crisis of 2008. it is also
water, channel 2's cameras went down for a tour. >> it's designed to withstand with an earthquake with the magnitude of the 1902 earthquake and will be 106 feet under water. >> reporter: it made a tremendous noise and first thing i thought of was earthquake. >> reporter: the noise turned out to be a ship dragging anchor over the bottom. today boyd says the transbay tube is the most solid segment of b.a.r.t. >> me personally i would feel safer in the tube than any where in the bay area. >> during an earthquake. >> yes. >> reporter: but back in the late 60s, confidence in b.a.r.t. was shaky. communities such as berkeley wanted changes in the system. 15miles of track and 15 staeugs had to be relocate -- 15 stations had to be relocated. inflation zapped reserves, overreturn and improvements put it overbudget by $150 million. that's why there's a half cent tax today. b.a.r.t. cars were everyone controversial unlike anything else on rails, wheel sets 9- inches wider and winds on the golden gate bridge. neither problem faced by today's trains yet the design escalated costs. a train cont
his flame but say he was in his 30s movement a man in the hospital after driving his van off southbound highway 101 in san francisco. the van fell several feet and ended up in the caltrain yard. the vehicle as you can imagine had a lost damage. the police are investigating. >>> the firefighter who had a massive heart attack on the jack is in critical but stable condition. hundreds of friends, family and firefighters holding a vigil at the hospital where is he in the icu. patty lee is live from san jose regional medical center where the mood is quiet. >> reporter: this prayer vigil ended a few moments ago but a small crowd is still around including members of frank ryan's station. you can see that many people here are disregular folksed area who say they watched this story develop from live coverage of a fire to the collapse of a firefighter on the scene. >> we are here for all public safety servants who put their lives on the line for us. . >> reporter: a growing crowd gathered around 4:00 but you can see it's mostly folks around san jose who wanted to pray for his recovery
they are buying to get there. car dealers sold more than 3 million new vehicles last year. european and u.s. automakers investing in brazil two decades ago. now japanese producers trying to find their place in the market. we report from sao paulo. >> reporter: u.s. a weekday morning at this u.s. car dealer on the outskirts of sao paulo. but the shop is full of customers. al he wi alejandra santos bought a new car for the first time last month. it cost clothes to $19,000, close to what she and her husband make in a year. she is paying for it in installments. >> translator: it's so comfortable to drive and it's affordable to me. the seats are very nice. and the design suits my taste. >> reporter: some economic stability has prompted brazilians to buying new cars. compacts account for 60%. most of them from europe and the u.s. one leading u.s. carmaker has unveiled 1,000 new compact models over the past year. cheaper than any vehicle of its rivals but price isn't the only factor. >> translator: we are making new cars in brazil for brazilians. we design and equip cars to suit brazilians' taste
in korea. he made his unification church a worldwide religious and business phenomenon in the 1970s. he was the self-proclaimed messiah of a religion that was regarded by some as a cult that used brainwashing. he was best known for mass weddings of thousands of his followers who were referred to by many as moonies. >>> six days as isaac ravaged the state, more than 100,000 people across louisiana are still without power this morning. while some residents in hard-hit plaquemines parish say they're cleaning up for the last time, others are questioning whether post-katrina upgreats for new orleans hurt surrounding areas. >> reporter: the flooding is slowly receding across southern louisiana. the threat of high water has some neighborhoods still on high alert. st. tampany parish officials are monitoring a breach at a lock on pearl river, and considering evacuations of 5,000 homes. >> we don't do this lightly because we don't want people out of their homes. but safety is first. >> reporter: as power crews work to restore electricity to the more than 200,000 still in the dark, the rebuilding
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